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Julian Marks Estate Agents could have your house sold by Christmas

There are many reasons why people put off selling their property at this time of year in the belief that there could be a better time to do it: it’s too cold, it’s too wet, it’s too dark, the house is not looking its best, school holidays, Christmas, New Year, etc. At this time of the year many people say they will wait until the spring before putting their home on the market, as they think it’s the best time to sell – but for many reasons they couldn’t be more wrong. Whilst it’s true to say that properties may look more appealing in the spring, there are lots of reasons for bringing a property to market during the winter. F...Read more

Customer Feedback is Paramount

Customer Feedback! To ensure we maintain the highest of standards we regularly carry out post sale surveys to obtain feedback which enables us to keep improving our service.  We also regularly receive cards and messages from clients such as this recent one… “In recent years I have used a number of letting agents to place and manage property in the South East. I can readily say that the service provided by the team at Julian Marks is first rate and significantly ahead of what I have experienced elsewhere. The team members are thoroughly personable and always a pleasure to deal with. The level of communication, and its efficiency, ...Read more

Our outlook for 2017 is indeed a very positive one…

  For Julian Marks Estate Agents the last quarter of 2016 significantly out-performed that of previous years and this activity has rolled over into the start of this year. We have lots of valuations and instructions booked into our diary and we are receiving several enquiries from new buyers looking to move. Borrowing rates are still incredibly low and with demand for property increasing, and a limited supply of available property, we are extremely positive about the year ahead. As always, hard work and a focus on high quality customer service are essential ingredients for success and these attributes are at the heart of our company’s ...Read more


Brexit – Safe as Houses?

Be it the outbreak of war, Black Monday, 9/11, or 7/7, historically momentous events always send shock waves that appear to threaten the very backbone of our nation and especially its economy. Brexit is no different, and there has been much talk about the potentially disastrous effects of the UK leaving Europe, as if our islands could literally sink into the North Sea without somehow being attached to the continental mainland. However, one thing is certain – shock waves are short lived and we will recover. But recover from what exactly? The only thing on the table at the moment is the fear of the unknown. However, Britain is not only an...Read more

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Customer Service still wins Hands-down

  In an age of constant communication in a virtual world; we expect to get whatever we want, when we want.  On the most part, getting things instantly does have its benefits. However, when it comes to sales with a ‘real’ person, many are loosing the key ability to connect with, and respond to, its customers. Remember the days when you could walk into a shop to be asked ‘is there anything we can do for you?’ or to have people who remember you?  You can go into a shop now and pay for something without a nod, smile or even a thank you. However, not everyone or every business does this – and those that remember that the customer is k...Read more


The Julian Marks Movember Team!

We’re delighted to announce that we’re taking part in this year’s Movember Foundation UK ! Julian, Mark, Steve & Spencer have joined together to form team Julian Marks and will be growing a moustache to raise awareness of men’s health issues. None of the team have shaved since 31st October…..pop in to our showroom anytime if you want to see our ‘progress’ – hopefully! Well done to the Julian Marks Mo Team and anyone else who’s taking part this year – all for a great cause. You can see and/or donate you can visit their MoSpace pages (copy & paste) or see https://uk.movember.c...Read more

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Win A 42″ Widescreen TV

RELEASE YOUR PROPERTY’S POTENTIAL. Let Julian Marks sell your home this Autumn. List your property for sale during the 2015 Rugby World Cup for a chance to WIN A 42″ WIDESCREEN TV Call us today to arrange your valuation appointment on 01752-401128 T&Cs: Every property that is listed for sale between 18 September 2015 and 31 October 2015 will be entered into a draw from which one will be drawn and will win a 42″ flat screen TV upon legal completion.Read more

May 2015 – Post Election Property Market Report

Following this month’s election, this Property Market Report certainly bears a positive message. The one thing people and markets don’t like is uncertainty. There was tremendous uncertainty leading up to the election and right up until the last votes had been counted on polling day. That uncertainty is now over and, whatever your politics, the clear conservative majority is good news for home buyers, sellers and investors. The threat of the mansion tax which could have had crippling effects right across the market has been quashed, as have plans to cap rents which could well have stifled the investment needed to provide more desperately n...Read more

End of year Market Report 2014

“What an interesting year it has been!” says Mark Flynn of Julian Marks Estate Agents “with asking prices rising and/or falling depending on where you are and what month it was.”   Mark continues, “As always, the London market is a law unto itself and certainly skewed many of the national indicators although it did settle down towards the end of the year to what was still a whopping 11.1% increase with the South West showing a 5% increase.” (The average house price in Devon according to Rightmove is now £225,537). However, asking prices are all very well according to Julian Partridge it’s sold prices that matter the m...Read more

Stamp duty reform – How the new rules will affect buying a property

George Osborne says the stamp duty changes in his Autumn Statement will benefit 98% of homebuyers Chancellor George Osborne has announced major reforms to stamp duty that will affect most of the country’s homebuyers from today. Under the old Stamp Duty system, homebuyers had to pay tax of 1% on any properties worth between £125,000 and £250,000 and from 3% upwards on properties costing between £250,001 and £500,000. The jump from 1% to 3% on stamp duty has been criticised as unfair and in his Autumn Statement, Mr Osborne described the system as “badly designed”. Julian Partridge from Julian Marks Estate Agents said ̶...Read more

Move by Christmas?

With Christmas already in sight, if you’re serious about selling, it would be worth your while to do something about it now, rather than waiting until the spring, is the opinion of Mark Flynn and Julian Partridge, Directors of Julian Marks Estate Agents. “For many, Christmas is a time for home making,” says Mark.  Buyers currently thinking of moving tell us they would love to be in by mid-December – and this is by no means unrealistic.” “Indeed, sellers can take advantage of this sense of buyer urgency and expect to conclude a satisfactory sale when both marketing and price combine to attract the right buyers. Even if you don’t...Read more


Sell First or Buy First? Chicken or Egg?

For homeowners wishing to sell their property and buy another, it’s the classic dilemma – which do you do first, buy or sell? “There is probably no all encompassing answer,” replies Julian Partridge, Director at Julian Marks Estate Agents in Plymouth, Devon. “Typically, people initially investigate the market to find out what they can buy for their money. Inevitably, during this research they fall in love with the “ideal” property,” says Julian. “As they have yet to sell, they find themselves in a weak position as purchasers and are unlikely to have anything but an asking price (or even higher) offer acce...Read more


Who’s Choosing Your Home?

An Englishman’s home may be his castle – but it is usually a woman who chooses it! 94% of estate agents polled in a recent survey confirmed that, in most house-hunting couples or families, it is the woman who has the last word in choosing which home they buy. “Two of the most important factors that attract women in a home are a modern kitchen, and a his-and-hers en-suite bathroom,” says Director Julian Partridge. “With 91% of agents questioned saying that a good kitchen is the single feature most likely to clinch a sale. 95% say it is the woman, rather than the man, who is more inclined to want a his-and-hers en-suite ba...Read more

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Julian Marks Emphasise How Website Mapping Can Help Buyers Find The Right Property

If location is fundamental to a property purchase, then mapping is surely the most obvious way of highlighting location suggest Julian Marks Estate Agents. Mark Flynn, Director for Julian Marks says, “We choose to use locational maps on our website and mobile app’ as they make it easy for buyers to identify the property in relation to its surroundings. This is particularly useful when a buyer is considering a property that is slightly outside an area they might have preferred, as they can see from the map that the property is actually not that far away from their chosen area.” Mark continues, “Additionally, as an aerial perspective, m...Read more

What Does ‘Viewing Feedback’ Really Mean?

Julian Marks Estate Agents give their advice on the value of viewing feedback. Director Julian Partridge, tells us, “Its startling how often sellers approach us after an unsatisfactory experience with another agent, particularly in relation to poor levels of feedback following property viewings”. Julian continues, “Surely prompt and constructive feedback should be a fundamental part of any estate agent’s service to their clients. Only when agents understand what buyers think of a property can they deliver practical advice that will enhance its sale prospects. The agent and the seller should be working hand-in-hand to achieve the desir...Read more

The Art Of Estate Agency

Selling your property is easy. Just advertise it online and wait for the buyers to flock to your door!! If only! “Sadly”, says Mark Flynn, Director of Julian Marks, ”Too many estate agents rely on this approach, which inevitably results in disappointment. Indeed, in some respects finding the buyer is the easy bit. But, I can tell you from many years of experience, there is far more to moving than simply finding a buyer.” Mark continues, “At Julian Marks Estate Agents, we believe in helping you move, and this means going far beyond the service offered by most estate agents. It all starts with the amount of time, commitment and person...Read more

Julian Marks Emphasise The Critical Importance of Referencing

In an ideal world, once a tenant has been found, it would be good to think that the landlord can simply sit back and watch his/her investment deliver the anticipated return on investment without further involvement. Indeed, this is one of the reasons why some letting agents only offer a tenant finding service. Simple really – or is it? But experience is a great teacher, and as Steve Allen from Julian Marks Estate Agents confirms, “Here at Julian Marks we have proven time and again that tenants must be fully referenced before signing. Indeed, before we rent a property to even the most apparently upright tenants, we thoroughly research thei...Read more

Our Results Speak For Themselves…Click to see..

 Julian Marks Estate Agents – Number 1. estate agents in the area!Read more

There’s more to moving than just selling your home

There is more to moving than just finding a buyer – Julian Marks Estate Agents feel those who go the extra mile, will reap the rewards. Selling your property is easy. Just advertise it online and wait for the buyers to flock to your door!! If only! Julian Partridge, Co-Director at Julian Marks Estate Agents says “Sadly, too many estate agents rely on this approach, which inevitably results in disappointment. Indeed, in some respects finding the buyer is the easy bit. But, when you think about it, there is far more to moving than simply finding a buyer.” Mark explains, “As a refreshingly modern, yet traditional estate agency with o...Read more

Julian Marks Estate Agents Show Sparkling Support

Julian Marks Estate Agents in Plymstock, Plymouth, unveiled their Christmas showroom last week to help support the Broadway Shopping Centre as it launched the Christmas Light Switch-On, on Wednesday 20th November 2013. As part of the Broadway Shopping Centre’s 2013 Christmas festivities, local estate agents Julian Partridge and Mark Flynn got into the yuletide spirit and show their support for local businesses and charities. “We have all heard stories about the ‘death of the high-street’ in various towns across the UK,” says Director Mark Flynn. “This has resulted in many businesses closing down and shopping areas becoming more ...Read more

Buyers Buy by Comparison

A property is worth not what the seller put in, but what the buyer gets out of it in relation to an alternative property. Typically, most people look at about half a dozen homes before making a decision as to which one they should buy. “Some people look at just a couple,” says Co-Director Mark Flynn of Julian Marks Estate Agents.  “Others spend months considering each and every one of the dozens or even hundreds of properties that come on the market within their price range.” Mark continues, “Even though many of the properties offered to a typical buyer are likely to fit the minimum criteria they request, the buyer is unlikely to b...Read more

A Julian Marks Winter’s Sale?

Julian Marks Estate Agents could have your house sold by Christmas According to Julian Marks Estate Agents, there are many reasons why people put off selling their property at this time of year in the belief that there could be a better time to do it: it’s too cold, it’s too wet, it’s too dark, the house is not looking its best, school holidays, Christmas, New Year, etc. Co-Director Mark Flynn of Julian Marks says, “At this time of the year many people say they will wait until the spring before putting their home on the market, as they think that it the best time to sell, but for many reasons, they couldn’t be more wrong”. Mark co...Read more

Personal Accountability is what you get from Julian Marks

Julian Marks Estate Agents’ personal approach is key to each and every property sale… Many properties throughout the Plymouth area are as unique and distinctive as the people who buy them. So when selling yours, it is most important that your estate agent has a thorough understanding not only of your property, but also of the needs and preferences of every single buyer who views it. Mark Flynn from Julian Marks Estate Agents says, “It is simply not good enough to load the property onto “the system” and hope for a sale, especially in this market.” Mark continues, “The promotion and sale of every property requires kid gloves and a...Read more

Julian Marks Have Plenty to Shout About

Every town has a variety of styles of estate agent, from the soulless “corporate” agency driven by figures and financial services, to the one-man band; from arty-contemporary to pushy-salesy. Each type tends to appeal to a specific sector of the property-owning community, and rightly so – buyers and sellers alike need to be comfortable working with an agent that reflects their own values. “So perhaps it’s time we actually spelt out exactly the type of approach we strive to adopt at Julian Marks,” says Director Mark Flynn. “Certainly many have commented that our office design and website has a very modern, contemporary and friend...Read more

Should Your House Have Sold By Now?

Here at Julian Marks we are often asked to look at properties that really should have sold, but haven’t, and we understand the disappointment of vendors whose experience of the sales process has fallen short of their expectations. This disappointment can sometimes be the result of simply not knowing where you stand. We find that enthusiasm and good communication must be maintained throughout the sale if you are to enjoy peace of mind. Of course a steady flow of buyers also helps!  So if you find yourself with a property that appears to be sticking, you might like to ask yourself the following questions: Is my agent as enthusiastic as the d...Read more

Working In Partnership with your Estate Agent

When the time comes to sell your home it is important to ensure that you entrust your sale to a reputable estate agent if the stress of selling is to be minimised. However, the most successful sales tend to be those where the seller and agent work hand in hand during the marketing process. Here are some pointers: Be open with your agent about any problems with the property. Even if these cannot be solved, awareness of an issue could save a sale. Ensure your agent is properly informed about which fixtures and fittings will be staying/going. (NB be careful with the terminology here: “staying with you” or “staying with the hous...Read more

Property Searches 24/7

Following a successful social media campaign earlier this year, Julian Marks Estate Agents in Plymouth, have launched a brand new company website keeping up with a 24/7 housing market. “We’ve always had a great website,” says Julian Partridge, “but in this highly connected world, we feel it is important to keep up-to-date with technological advances, as well as demand, and we have therefore created this new, advanced site.  Internet use has never been so popular; within hours of launching, our new website attracted over 3,000 people which is great exposure for our clients.” Developments in the world-wide-web didn’t really get goi...Read more